Environment health Safety Management

Environment, health and Safety management is essential to maintain occupational stability and keep the human and economic losses at check caused due to hazards. A structured approach that anticipates the hazards beforehand and provides potential prevention methods, EHS builds a strengthened workplace ambiance.

To achieve scalable connectivity, better performance and reduce risk factors, Mazedeck’s Environment Health ansd Safety Management system supervises on the following ;

  • Assess energy usage,radiation releases, or release of any other contaminants into the atmosphere that might cause damage to the flora and fauna of that area and report to prevent the issue.
  • Deployment of networks and materials that ensures safe, conditioned workplace environments and faster communication. Also cause minimal or no damage to the habitats during the deployment of communication infrastructures such as wiring, towers etc,.
  • Avoid injuries, reduce direct and indirect costs and provide responsibilities to the workers in managing EHS, comply with the laws and regulations of the company.
  • A legal obligation any company shall take up that enables immediate reporting and attendance of injuries or damages that happen in a workplace.
  • Ensure safety of the worker when employed in areas where radiation is handled. Enable protection in ruggedized locations where workers are in continuous movement.
  • When it comes to telecom industries, workers often have to work at heights. Usage of PPEs, avoiding usage of overloaded materials where manual labour is required are supervised.
  • Keep record of employee feedback on workplace environment, safety, health and make necessary alterations in work practice.
  • Deploy data management systems that send alerts during emergency situations.